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Mk1 front break caliper overhaul

Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2012 5:52 pm
by flea
Mk1 front caliper overhaul.

After removing the front caliper from the car you'll need to remove the piston. I find it easier with a air hose. Put your hand behind the piston & it will stop it getting damaged also give short blasts from the air gun.
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Then remove the dust cover from the housing as shown.
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Then remove the inner rubber seal.
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After removing the seals & throwing them away you need to clean the grooves shown in the picture near the end of my thumb, also the bore of the caliper body. You can use an air gun to ensure there is no debris left behind.
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Also clean up the piston. I use flour paper as this will not scratch the finish but will remove the old rubber particles.
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Fit the inner seal & make sure it is sitting properly & smear some brake fluid over the rubber.
I use the same fluid that I use in the braking system of the car.
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Also smear some break fluid over the surface of the piston this will make it easier for you to fit the dust rubber.
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Now push the dust rubber over the piston from the outer end. It will try to locate itself in the groove that its meant to sit in. Just push it over the groove to the other end of the piston so the rubber is sticking over the end as shown in the picture.
fc13.JPG (21.61 KiB) Viewed 1327 times

Now place the piston in front of the bore & locate the rubber at the bottom first, with your fingers work the rubber seal into the groove like so. You can give it a little twist holding your thumb & forefinger on the rubber to ensure it's in place.
fc14.JPG (23.15 KiB) Viewed 1327 times

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Now just push the piston into the chamber. You'll feel it against the inner seal but it will go with a bit of pressure. The dust cover rubber will locate itself within the groove of the piston once pushed in enough. Just give it a check over to make sure its sitting properly.
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Apply a little grease to the bleed screw & fit that.
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And that's it your refurbished caliper.
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