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How to jump start a Mx/Roadster

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How to jump start a Mx/Roadster

Postby Mazda Mender » Tue Mar 22, 2016 11:45 pm

We are finding more and more owners jump starting MX/Roadsters wrongly.
Resulting in a surge of power and blowing slow blow fuses, standard fuses, relays, and ECU's, this guide is for any car unless it as a positive earth( I know I am going back a bit).

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES must you attach the 'Negative to the flat battery' and to the 'Negative of the donor cars battery'.

The Negative clamp MUST be attached to a GOOD earth point on BOTH cars ,regardless of it being a MX/Roadster or not.
A good earth point on the MX/Roadsters is the boot lid lock loop, Jack securing T bolt,spare wheel securing bolt , or where ever you can get a very good strong earth point.

The live clamp does clamp/attach to the positive battery post on both cars, it is only the negative that does not,,, doing it this way with ALL CARS will stop a surge of power and popping main electric items.

If you are Jumping from a starter pack , then the live goes to the positive post on the battery and negative goes to a earth point on the car.

If you are jumping from a stand alone battery then live goes to positive on the cars flat battery and the positive on the stand alone battery, the negative clamp needs to go on the stand alone battery and the other end onto a good strong earth point on the dead car.

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Same on both...

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