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Get it out of your system. Keep it clean'ish. It can be just about anything that has ragged you up, but please not about the OC. Leave their politics there.
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Re: lol...

Postby bayzil » Tue Feb 27, 2018 11:40 pm

Mazda Mender wrote:
bayzil wrote:
Mazda Mender wrote:Your account has been temporarily suspended. This suspension is due to end on 22 July 2016 10:04:03.

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OC board by the w*nker that is Ian H, being all judge dread and so full of his own selfworth....

M-m, I had exactly the same "experience" with that same jobsworth Ian H around the same time as you...I will leave it at that for the time being, because as a newbie here not sure how far I am allowed to elaborate!!! :lol: :handgestures-thumbup:

We are neutral ground buddy...we fly the flag for ownership ,you say what you feel as long as there is no in your face swearing...add stars **** or abbreviate it...other wise all good...get it off your chest ,we are all ears...

Well, in all honesty I cannot remember for the life of me what I said or didn't say on the OC forum...I was probably saying stuff which didn't exactly tow the party line...I must have continued in that vain, and as like you, I got the account suspension with that weird time line...wtf!!!! I then over time got a full ban and I was told by Mr H that this would be a year. Late last year I decided to find out if the ban was lifted, as I was sure a year was up, and somehow managed to get on the forum to find out.....I got short shrift from the guy and was told it was a life time ban. A few savoury emails between us and I was subsequently given the total ban.....anyhow a few days later I received an email from an OC member who is also a solicitor and a badge on the forum or the club, threatening me legally if tried to contact Ian H again or bring the name of the OC into disrepute. I really didn't overstep the mark in my opinion over there but it was felt my opinions or the way I expressed them did not fit in!!!! Any how all forgotten now but felt I wanted to mention it here when I read this thread, and feel that it was not JUST me who has fallen foul of the moderating on their forum.
Sorry for the length of this and thanks for reading it.....feel better now knowing I was not alone in this experience.
cheers guys! :text-thankyouyellow:
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Re: lol...

Postby Mazda Mender » Wed Feb 28, 2018 8:31 am

They are a bunch of c*ck wombles, and need to understand that running the clubs forum is also flying their flag so even though it is all on line they are still representatives of that club and hold made up positions, some love that power, i get a lot of disgruntled members form there with their stories of heavy handedness,from owners that have left because of it, i have loads,but are all from the forum and select few of badge wearers, there are a lot of great owners in the club, and i understand why it was started and is still here, but i think many have forgotten the reason why and are more hell bent on their own self worth of this made up club, because that is all it is a club you pay into and owners see themselves as buying into the scene that makes them "part of it", there is a lot more to the scene of these roadsters in the UK and world wide than the UK club, there is benefits with them, although personally none of it worked for me as i can get my insurance cheaper, parts etc etc, so why pay £35 a year just to be "part of it", i personally ended up helping the club in a lot of ways in the back ground with the menders team also waving the spanners of knowledge,, Judging the comps, looking after their track weekend at Blyton making sure the owners got home safe in their Mazsters, and at the classic NEC ripping a Mazster to bits and transforming her, all in my spare time, plus lots more.... but i and menders as always been looked down upon because we don't bow to this made up club and the skeletons that run it that have not moved on, think their way or be shot at dawn, it is not real , it is just for like minded owners to get together, it is a social club, and i get it,i just think the fossils that run it lost it a long time ago with what is needed as time moves on, i just think the the biggest thing that gets me is that this was started for the "OWNERS" and is in the tittle i feel that that word is and as been by passed and forgotten .

This will all will be copied and pasted into the mods/admin section of the board i am 100% sure of that, and a clicky conflab about how bad Wayne is towards the club, as they will miss the point again as they see it as " he is attacking the club again"....no i understand why its there, only a lot have forgotten why it was started and what it should be about, not a clicky select few in areas trying to control it all.....my personal feelings with their forum is that the mods/admin are not accountable for their heavy handed actions as on a number of occasions i personally feel that there is no structure And regardless of what ever they do even if it bang out of order they stick together and do not see that apologizes need to be made sometimes when they are wrong and out of order but don't as it is beneath them and don't need to because i wear a badge for a made up club.
If one of the Admin in menders dealt with a situation with a owner/member in the same way, and shown that they are wrong and they see it as beneath them to say "sorry i was wrong" they would be gone .
I remember being told once that everything to do with the Mazsters in the UK as the club in the centre?????? well i have news on that....the centre of Mazster scene is Mazda and we are all around it as they make it, and if they did not, then we would not be here, the club is part of it ,not all of it as they assume and when they get out of that mind set to will become a better club....
But they also need to remember as they centre themselves to the new owners buying the new Mazster, at some point they will kill production, so leaving the MK1's,2's owners behind as they concentrate on new, you will need the home fettlers to survive with a paying membership, i packed in my membership for a number of reasons, but one of the biggest was why am i paying to help? i am hiring vans out of my pocket to drag tools across the country, giving up personal holiday days to help work for them, buying extra equipment out of my own pocket to help and work for them etc....so it is like turning up at work and paying them to work for them with membership and personal money out of my pocket to help...and getting crap off the powers that be and expecting me to still spend give up my time and drag all the rest of the team with me.....enough was enough.
Like i say i get why it started and why it is here but a lot within the power band of the club have for gotten that it is not about them.
Paying to be "part of it" does not wash with me as i have been "part of it" a long time before hearing and dealing with the club, the way i look at it is it is always their loss never mine or ours, treat owners with respect and it happens both ways, throwing power sticks just means i'll ram it where the sun does not shine.

I must state that this is about the badge weares that run it not the collective ownership , not the ones that pay into it to keep it going, i have met some great owners through the club that have become very good friends and will be for a very long time to come.

Good morning everyone lol
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