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Bleed nipples

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Bleed nipples

Postby Mxmurray » Sun May 10, 2015 2:22 pm

Im in the process of rebuilding the brakes on my mk1 and ordered a set of seals to rebuild the front calipers,all was going well so I left everything and went to Spain for a few days.
Came home yesterday and thought I had better finish what I started.
Only to find some ape has tightened the bleed nipples so tight I've had to resort to heat to remove them.
They are tiny so only really need to be nipped up hand tight,seems my ape has had a breaker bar on them.
So I measured the thread to get a couple of replacements, (M8 x 1.0 fine thread if you are interested).
My local factor supplied two but in 1.25 coarse thread.
Can't find any fine thread anywhere so looked on a major mx5 parts supplier bloody £6.80 each!!!
I'm sorry but that is just a bloody rip off.
I've found some much much cheaper by buying them from a motorcycle parts supplier.
So if you ever need bleed nipples try a motorcycle shop.

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