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Aberdeenshire / Tayside Tech Day 19 Mar 2016

This is a calander for info of tech days being held by Co's around the UK (or abroad ?), they will only be a mazdamenders.net tech day by seeing the site banner, all details, dates ,locations , times, phone numbers and what is being covered will all be listed below, Jammie dodgers and fig rolls are the rule to be offered, and if possible A admin/mod at the tech day, any questions please feel free to ask,and most of all ,please enjoy as they are for you.
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Aberdeenshire / Tayside Tech Day 19 Mar 2016

Postby drumtochty » Sun Jan 17, 2016 8:15 pm

Drumtochty Tech Day

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Doors open 9:00am

Aberdeenshire / Tayside

The day will be based at Glenside, Drumtochty, Auchenblae. Detail directions will be posted a few days prior to the Tech Day and a link will appear on this forum and on the MX5 Scotland Forum. We are half way between Aberdeen and Dundee.

The garage will open from 9:00am, most people tend to arrive between 10:00 am and mid-day.

Eddie will be available to assist in the garage up until mid-afternoon, after that until say 18:00, visitors who have had a lift safety briefing can work on their cars until the evening if they chose. I will still be about. There are a good number of MX5ists who know their way about my garage.

The main aim of the day is for visitors to learn about their cars and get tips and advice from more experienced owners. Also to be able to lift their cars in the air for an underside corrosion inspection on the 2 Post Lift. We will allocate up to 30 mins to those cars, other owners who wish to do some work on their cars can have up to an hour on the lift in order to maximise the number of cars on the lift on the day. These times may be varied depending upon how many cars turn up on the day. We will try to get the inspections or servicing work for those who have travelled longer distances done first.

To carry out a major service or some more complicated work, PM me on the forum ( drumtochty ) to agree a full day when we can work on the car.

There is plenty space in the garage for a second car to be worked on at the same time as the car on the lift and there are plenty axle stands, trolley jacks and loads of tools and consumables.

Those interested in an inspection of their cars do not need overalls, gloves will be provided but wear older clothes as you will be under a car. Those who want to work on their cars should bring overalls and safety footwear. Safety glasses and gloves will be available.

Neither Eddie Cairns nor the MX5 Owners Club or any other MX5 Group accept any responsibility for any accidents on the day or for the results of any work on visitors cars, all actions are at the car owners risk. This is a private domestic garage and there are no professional car mechanics in attendance.


There will be bacon rolls, tea, coffee, etc., available up until 11:00 am and then a bit later there will be homemade soup and filled roll / sandwich lunch together with Joan’s scones which never last long. Fig Rolls and Jammie Dodgers will also be in stock of course.

For the avoidance of doubt or possible embarrassment on some people’s part no financial contribution is expected nor will be accepted from attendees of the day.

It is hoped that people will enjoy messing about with their cars, socialising with others and the more normal attendees just have a laugh and a natter if looking under the car is not your favourite pastime.

Please advise of your attendance using the link below and advise the mark of your car and whether you want an inspection, or detail the work you are hoping to do or if you just want to turn up on the day to meet others without the technical bit. Also advise how many people are coming in your car to allow a best guess on the catering. All will be made welcome.

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