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Paint codes/Location of identification plate/build sticker

This section is for helping in the revamp/restore of these roadsters so to be used has a reference to know what spec yours was built with as you try and sort out all the years she as been around and more than likely messed about with losing most of the OE equipment she was built with, this is and always will be an on going section, so info will always will be being added and updated, if you can help with info etc please feel free to do so by contacting one of the Admin as this is for everyone to use..
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Paint codes/Location of identification plate/build sticker

Postby Mazda Mender » Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:53 am


The paint code for your MX5/Eunos Roadster/Miata can be found be checking the VIN plate at the rear of the engine bay near the drivers' side or checking the inside of the drivers' door shut for a factory build sticker.

Locations on identification plates/stickers...

Chassis/VIN Plate :-
MX5/Eunos Roadster.... VIN plate is located on the offside of the bulkhead on a silver metal plate held by two silver rivets NB or two phillips head screws NA.

2348164_orig.jpg (14.65 KiB) Viewed 577 times

Stamped Chassis Number :-
MX5/Eunos Roadster/Miata... Stamped chassis VIN is on the centre of the bulkhead

8268626_orig.jpg (16.03 KiB) Viewed 577 times

Build sticker/spec sticker :-
A VIN repeat can be found on sticker on the inside of the offside 'B' post.

6214601_orig.jpg (13.59 KiB) Viewed 577 times

Engine Number:-
Varies with NA/NB, but the engine code can generally be found either on the rear offside or the nearside rear of the block.

8366940_orig.jpg (23.73 KiB) Viewed 577 times

Eunos Roadster build sticker NA....
s-spec.jpg (410.61 KiB) Viewed 580 times

Mx5 build sticker NB....

53ec6ac990700e429382a6fc4eee7c08.jpg (215.97 KiB) Viewed 578 times

12K Twighlight Blue
HU Neo Green (aka British Racing Green)
6W Laguna Blue (aka Perky Blue)
SU Classic Red
A1Q Merlot Pearl Clearcoat
5N Brave Blue Pearl Clearcoat
3L Silver Stone
DU Mariner Blue (aka French Racing Blue)
A5 Satellite Blue
11Q Excellent Pearl Green Clearcoat
A3E Eternal Red
27C Nordic Green Mica
25E Strato Blue Mica
28W Radiant Ebony Mica
HZ Sunburst Yellow
PZ Brilliant Black
A3F Brilliant Black
11R Sparkle Green Metallic Clearcoat
18G Racing Silver
PT Chaste White
18J Grace Green
M8 Montego Blue Clearcoat
32V Copper Red Mica
22A Supreme Blue
24A Starry Blue Mica
32S Galaxy Grey Mica
25R Splash Green Mica
25F Garnet Red Mica
A3D Pure White
22V Sunlight Silver Metallic
23C Crystal Blue Metallic
18K Evolution Orange
27A Velocity Red
A5M Marble White
29Y Titanium Grey
27B Winning Bue Metallic
A3F Brilliant Black (Mark 3)

Identification of Vin number....

MX5-Eunos Roadster  Vin ID.jpg
MX5-Eunos Roadster Vin ID.jpg (23.55 KiB) Viewed 577 times
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