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Fitting Bonnet lifters/Gas Struts

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Fitting Bonnet lifters/Gas Struts

Postby shapps » Wed May 06, 2015 10:08 am

Inspired by M-m's video on Youtube, I took the plunge and got a set.

Step 1:
Purchase a kit. eBay is littered with these things and the kit I picked up was this one.

Step 2:
Remove the bolts in the locations in green below. The one on the wings/fenders are 10mm (easier to use a deep socket for reasons I’ll explain later) and the one on the hood is a 14mm nut. Its not pictured below, but you need to undo the upper nut on the hood hinge. You’ll see it in one of the later steps.


Step 3:
From the pack, pick up one of these ball head bolts and one of the washers, I picked a medium sized on which sat on the wing nicely. Screw this in on the first hole nearer the front of the car. Also in the second hole in the wing put in the cross head screw you will find in the pack as well. This is to allow the strut to sit cleanly under the bonnet.


Step 4:
On the hood now, pick up one of the plates with a ball head (I used the one marked R on the Left hand side if you’re facing the car and vice versa for the other side). Attach this plate with the 14mm nut you removed from the hood hinge (top pink circle in the picture below):

Step 5:
Now grab a strut and remove the retaining pins at each end. This makes it easier to pop the ends onto the ball head bolt. They just pop off an slide out of the hole. You WILL NEED TO PUT THESE BACK ON!
Grease up the holes nicely with the supplied grease (ear wax?) and then pop them on and put in the retaining pins.


The question will arise on which way to mount the struts…i.e. thin end towards the front or the other way around.

I looked at the MCM video on the S2000 which had the thick end at the bonnet end, and the MazdaMenders video had it the other way around. I went with the latter because the bonnet closed much better that way…anyway, here’s a video of the finished product…(pardon the cheesy music…couldn't be asked to look for anything interesting and sirens and my heavy breathing certainly didn't appeal)


Hope this helps!
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