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Mk 2 1998 silver R.S import sort out thread

A place for members to show off their pride and joy. Also room to document your projects.
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Re: Mk 2 1998 silver R.S import sort out thread

Postby robabarker » Mon Nov 20, 2017 2:48 pm

Another update! MM serviced the Roadster on 11.11.17: New belts, plugs, oil, oil filter and fuel filter, plus handbrake adjustment.


Hardtop also fitted properly, cheers! Just a little adjustment needed to (hopefully) get rid of wind howl around 70mph.



Since it's been a long while since I've updated this there are also a few changes below!

robabarker wrote:Update: 26.4.16

robabarker wrote:Body
Repaint scuffed front lip
Repaint front bumper (also a little scuffed) and fill number plate holes
Fit JDM stand-off plate mount
[strike]Polish up headlights[/strike]
Repaint and fit Mazdaspeed headlight covers
Touch up paint on mirrors (the edges are a tiny bit flat)
Touch up stonechip on windscreen frame/A-pillar
Remove minor parking dents
Fit new wheels (something interesting in realms of SSR, Enkei or Rays preferably!) SSR Type-M's
Touch up sun-damaged paint on top of quarter panel
Repaint and refit spoiler (currently slightly the wrong shade of silver)
Fill rear plate holes
Fit JDM-size number plates
Fit mk2.5 tail lights
Fit OEM tail light covers
Sort out little patches of rust in engine bay (mostly where bolt holes are)
Fit Meisters
Fit aftermarket induction kit

Fit gauges (Water temp mainly!)
Blacken steering wheel
Fit Jass SS instrument bezel
Fit Jass needle caps
Fit NA split visors
Fit new gear gaiter
Fit new handbrake gaiter
Fit MX5Restorer handbrake handle (to match gear lever)
Fit metal interior door handles (I'm sure these were a thing on some 2.5s)
Replace cracked tweeter panels
Sort out buzzing Bose speaker (needs something to protect it from water)
Replace missing boot carpet clips
MM-tinkered '98 Roadster RS

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