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How to (and how not to) remove MK1 MX5 door cards

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How to (and how not to) remove MK1 MX5 door cards

Postby dogrosie » Thu Jun 06, 2013 8:07 pm

Many thanks to Wayne (Mazda-Mender) and Niall (Paggers) for giving me a set of doorcards.
Door card guide for how to remove them. Here is a guide of how to remove door cards as my way of saying thanks.

1. NEVER EVER pull the top of the door card off as it is bolted to the lower (main) section. Doing so will rip the cardboard door card, or worse will snap the threads off the top section.
This is not a step you must do, but more a point of telling you not what to do!

2. Let's get started! Pry off the diamond shaped screw cover on the door armrest with a flat-head screwdriver and undo the bolt, along with two other bolts. The door armrest should now come off by itself.
Then undo the screw on the door lock mechanism plastic surround. Then remove this surround. The door latch itself does not need to be removed just to remove the door card.

3. Early MK1s only have a surround to the door speaker. This pulls off via 4 poppers and is far stronger than the rest of the door card. Id you don't have this then just skip this step.

4. Now remove the door card itself. It is made from chipboard and is very easy to damage. Do NOT yank it off the door or it will rip all the poppers out of it, so you are left with the door card in your hands and all the poppers still in the door. Carefully pry off each popper with a flat object such as a ruler. A neighbour who has a '5 recommends using a fork with the prongs bent apart to completely surround the popper - Not tried it myself but I'm sure it would work well. Do not worry if you rip a popper off, as the door cards are fragile, especially if the plastic sheet is not present (explained further on). If there are a few poppers left in the door even though you have been careful, chances are that a previous owner did them - No big deal really as you can repair your door card with wood glue, or even make a new one yourself as they are only flat chipboard!

5. To refit the doorcard just put it back on in the same way you removed it :-) .
When you remove the door card there should be a plastic sheet almost the same size as the lower door card. This is to stop water touching the doorcard when it rains and runs down the window. If this is present then leave it be (unless you want to meddle with locks or leccy windows of course!). If it is not present, cut up a bin bag and stick in on. The black gunk is very sticky, but I found that one of my doors had some gunk missing, so I used some cheap all purpose sealant just to fill in a few small areas. If this sheet is not present then the doorcards get wet and will warp.

Mine before and after:

I would like to fix my old cards (glue up card tears and retrim) by using the upper door cards off my new ones and some new fabric. I do quite like the OEM look!
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Re: How to (and how not to) remove MK1 MX5 door cards

Postby flea » Thu Jun 06, 2013 8:14 pm

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Re: How to (and how not to) remove MK1 MX5 door cards

Postby paggers » Thu Jun 06, 2013 9:07 pm

Good to see those door cards going to good use. Well done on the fitting.

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Re: How to (and how not to) remove MK1 MX5 door cards

Postby Creepy » Wed Oct 07, 2015 1:51 pm

Great post and my first learning from the forum. Thanks for sharing :-)

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