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Clutch replacement

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Clutch replacement

Postby Sammyj » Tue Nov 17, 2015 4:05 pm

Afternoon all,
I'm looking for advice on a replacement clutch for Wink as the slipping is getting worse daily to the point it is almost dangerous, I was sat happily cruising on the A1 on Sunday in fifth about 3500RPM when an Audi came storming up behind me in the left lane and I had nowhere to go but to boot it so I didnt get rear ended. I put my foot to the floor and the clutch slipped like crazy and the engine span up to about 6k RPM. A change of underwear was needed, scary stuff! :oops:

For those that haven't read my newbie post, Wink is a 1.6 Eunos with nearly everything still the original from factory so I'm surprised the standard clutch has lasted 79k miles!
So after bringing forward the time frame of doing this horrible job I have been reading a bit into clutches for the '5 and the choice is overwhelming, especially for someone not so mechanically minded as myself :sad:
I don't want to go mad and spend a fortune on some stage 4, 3 puck clutch designed for racing but I equally don't want to skimp and buy a plate that will wear down in a year. I like the look of the FM happy meal kit but its a bit much ££ for my liking, will take a while to get here and I CBA replacing the flywheel when it doesn't need doing. I've had a look at mx5parts and their cheapy clutch doesnt inspire confidence. What do you guys run/suggest? Doesn't get driven super hard as it's my daily but I do enjoy the odd blast down a B road.

What else is generally replaced when doing the clutch other than the spigot bearing and rear crank seal?
Is it worth replacing the clutch slave as preventitive maintenance, or the line for a SS one?
A parts list of everything I may need would be nice :cool:

Last question and I'll stop being annoying... for today :lol: I have access to ramps, air tools and a fully stocked workshop courtesy of VW, but only 6 hours on a saturday morning to work on the car. As previously said, I'm not that mechanically minded but if I approach something methodically I can usually figure it out. From past experience, you guys reckon I'm being overly optimistic about the time frame here? The tech's will just laugh if I ask for help :mad:
Also, do the bolts on the bell housing generally get seized at all? every other bolt on the car has so far! :roll:

Thanks in advance chaps :handgestures-thumbup:
I seem to wing fixing my car and keep my fingers crossed!
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Re: Clutch replacement

Postby Sammyj » Tue Nov 17, 2015 11:12 pm

This has already taken a back seat lol
Water pump/ aux belt just snapped on me on the way home
This car is a love hate relationship
I seem to wing fixing my car and keep my fingers crossed!
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Re: Clutch replacement

Postby Mazda Mender » Wed Nov 18, 2015 8:13 am

Ho the joys of motoring :laughing-rolling:

Are you doing the belt/pump? as for the clutch standard clutch kit is more than up to the job, release bearing,pilot bearing,rear crank seal, slave and clutch kit, speak to Andrew at Autolinkmx5 for your discounts on all parts with being a member on here buddy.
when you do the cam belt , and pump, don't forget rocker seal,CAS seal ,Cam seal and crank seal.
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Re: Clutch replacement

Postby Sammyj » Wed Nov 18, 2015 9:58 am

Mazda Mender wrote:Ho the joys of motoring :laughing-rolling:

I'm just glad it happened less than a mile from home!
I intended to take it to Milton Keynes last week for a work course, that could have proved disastorous :shock:

As for the belt and pump, I shall be doing it myself.. nervous
Won't be until atleast Saturday afternoon when I can start to get cracking though, better get the parts ordered pronto!
Ironically when I bought the replacement springs from Andrew I did buy his timing belt kit when I knew less about these cars, which meant I didnt buy any of the required seals :evil: (hint for newbies like me there Andrew!!)
Whilst I'm at it, gonna drop an alloy rad in there, the orignal has seen better days and can't be doing too much cooling
Roll on the weekend and props to HSBC for the overdraft :handgestures-thumbup:
I seem to wing fixing my car and keep my fingers crossed!
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Re: Clutch replacement

Postby Yolo » Wed Nov 18, 2015 9:41 pm

For someone who says they have no spanner img skills fair play to you.... :bow-yellow: take some pics as you go if you can.....
Good luck... :handgestures-thumbup: :handgestures-thumbup:
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