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Recommended exhaust and Radiator for my 1.8

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Recommended exhaust and Radiator for my 1.8

Postby Jaysmith » Tue May 09, 2017 10:52 pm

So I've been looking at 4-2-1 manifolds and aluminium radiators for my mk1 1.8 for a while now and have finally decided I'm going to stop hesitating and just buy them.

Question is, what is best? The car will mainly be used as a daily driver so fast road. there is potential that in the very near future a may be fitting a ITB kit or supercharger kit dependent on funds.

So Exhaust manifold, the below 3 are the ones i have seen mainly and vary drastically in price.

Jackson racing manifold from moss - £420 i don't really want to be spending this much of kind of rules this one out.
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MAZDA-MX5-MK1 ... SwKOJYIJG~

MX5 Parts manifold - £290 I am leaning towards this one but it seams to be unbranded? or is it made my mx5 parts? not sure what kind of quality it will be. Is it a quality part or just made in china?
http://www.mx5parts.co.uk/exhaust-manif ... p-646.html

Japspeed 2part manifold - £200 this was my first option but I'm under the impression this is just a cheap chines part, correct me if i am wrong. is it worth £200 or ill it crack within 12 months?
https://www.japspeed.co.uk/mazda-mx-5-m ... npipe.html

So should i go for the Japspeed or put the extra £90 to and get the mx5 parts one? Is there a major difference in quality and performance?
Are there any better alternatives for around this price range i am missing?

So on to the Aluminium Radiator

This is what i have just nearly bought:
Fast 5 50mm ally Rad - http://fast5.co.uk/index.php?route=prod ... duct_id=64
Seems to be a good price, other option in the Japspeed option - https://www.japspeed.co.uk/mazda-mx-5-m ... iator.html
I also had a quick look on eBay and found this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ALUMINIUM-ALL ... Sw4shX4-~K which is exactly the same as the Japspeed option.

Are the above three radiators all just exactly the same? should i just go for the cheapest one?

So ye, any input or guidance on the above would be much appreciated.
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Re: Recommended exhaust and Radiator for my 1.8

Postby threeflies » Wed May 10, 2017 7:47 pm

I'd probably ignore everything except the radiator and go for a slim alloy rad like the ILmotorsport. I think it;s 40mm.

Reason being if you go FI at a later date you need the room in the engine bay for whatever pipe work you need. Unless your banging 100 laps at Imola even the stock rad would probably do. Space is important.

Sort your cooling if you think you need to, I did cos I wanted a sexy rad.
Save your cash for your turbo or supercharger build. Don't be seduced by stainless downpipes etc.

Stick with stock fans with shrouds. The neat little 12v jobs that many people are selling are a poor upgrade without a shroud, they look nicer though.

My tuppence :)

And have fun learning, I didn't I was a s frustrated as hell and became obsessive ! Chill and take it slow .
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