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Mk4 ND Electric window gremlin ?? - Help !?

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Mk4 ND Electric window gremlin ?? - Help !?

Postby RB1968 » Thu Apr 08, 2021 7:54 am

HI All, this is my first post/request so please be gentle !

I've just upgraded from a Mk1 to a Mk4, bought a lovely 2015 Sport Nav with 14k on and full history, from a private sale in fact from an owner who has recently died suddenly

On inspection and test we found that the drivers window has an issue, and i hope some of you good folk might help ??

With the door shut or open , window will only lower about 25/40 mm whenyou press the switch and sounds a bit graunchy or creaky at the bottom of that short travel . Certainly will not go lower and cannot be encouraged to do so by hand ( like some Mk1s!)

It does the "auto" short drop ok from fully raised, to clear the seals etc when opening door. Also raises again in that way when door shuts. Doesnt creak in this aspect.

If i press as you would for it to lower further, it might move a few mm but nothing really. Keeping the switch down you can hear sort of multiple relay or switch "clicks" from the door. ( regulator??)

Within the agreed deal we allowed for reduction in form of ££ for new motor and regulator ( around 180 for both from main dealer) , so i'm hoping for an easy fix but any help or advice would be greatly appreciated


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