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MK 1 Eunos 1992 Starts Then Stops

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MK 1 Eunos 1992 Starts Then Stops

Postby g0aku » Fri Mar 20, 2015 8:48 am

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Here I go.........

1992 eunos 1.6 v spec 164000 kms

starts then stop after say 1 secs feels like lack of fuel sometimes i put on lights then starts but now fault has got worse can happen any time does not stop when running no performance loss does it hot or cold

rod graingers manual used

fault led flashes 1 = ign pulse

changed ignitor block same stop and start

things i have checked to no avail

fuel relay swapped

curcuit open relay

ign switch conntacts

removed imobiliser

fuel pump

maf all contacts and readings

engine earth strap by exhaust

coil pack swapped

cas swapped

all ign /fuel related wires/connectors

good spark from removed plug

dia socket bridged for fuel pump

removed fuel cap

Now thinking Ign Switch Intermittent conntact
i must have tried more things but got puddled trying to remember them tried the switch a while ago even stripped it down to touch up the contacts checked spring tension. Tried starting yesterday morning before kids and grandkids came round for mothers day blipped the throttle to try and catch the blighter and noticed no tacho reading although I reckon I revved it to 3000 rpm so todays mission is going down igniter wiring route also after this I disconnected batt to clear any faults then out on link and led to find 01 fault ie one flash already swapped igniter block I have spare igniter,coils,cas, fuel relay

I think its all over,took out Fuel Pump to check for Black Connector non found,looked on Internet for Wiring Diag none in Rods Manual, no 12v out of blue wire on Igniter block, no conituity from Ign Switch connector block to Igniter but 12v to blue wire on Coil, wired a temp link to Ignitor the thing started and kept on running. Removed the Igniter connecter and then the brkt that holds it and the Charcoal valve thingy, un wound harness tape the blue wire was down to a few strands must have been rubbing out of view under brkt. Soldered and heat shrink, 12v all the time and also its a nice sunny day,

Many thanks Wayne for your input over my troubled times,

Cheers Rob.
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Re: MK 1 Eunos 1992 Starts Then Stops

Postby Mazda Mender » Fri Mar 20, 2015 11:17 am

Great stuff and thanks for your time putting this together so it may help others that could hit this issue, made it a sticky and will copy it into the How tos. :bow-yellow:
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