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1991 Eunos Roadster V-Special

Mx/Roadsters for sale From us and you,Any traders DO need to get in touch first ,otherwise it will be removed
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1991 Eunos Roadster V-Special

Postby 71notout » Mon May 28, 2018 8:58 pm

I have made the decision to sell my wee Eunos as i'm just not using her as much as she deserves - too many other things taking up my time!

She passed her MOT today with flying colours, so that's 3 passes in the 3 years under my ownership with no advisories.

I put a new clutch in her last week, with new release bearing,etc.

Here are the details:

1.6 V-Special Eunos Roadster, Brilliant Black with tan interior.
Manufactured 3rd Sept 1991 in Japan
Imported into UK Feb 2015 and has only done just under 3k miles since import.

Modifications over standard:

Induction kit (Randall mod, takes cold air feed from scuttle panel)
Relocated stainless washer bottle into scuttle LHS
Cobalt stainless steel cat-back exhaust
Stoney Racing silicon coolant hoses
Aircon delete

Running Gear
Meister-r Zeta Pro Coilovers
Front upper strut brace

1.8 discs & pads
Braided hoses

Wheels & Tyres
Enkei RPF1
Vredestein Sportrac 195/60/14

Mohair replacement hood (at import)
Custom Eunos side stripes
Zoom Engineering carbon door mirrors
Zoom Engineering filler cap
Retro side repeaters
Shaved sidelights & reflectors
Detango'ed sidelight with LED bulbs
IL Motorsport bumper grille

Retrimmed leather seats (at import)
Mk2 Windbreak
IL Motorsport Cobra Style Rear View Mirror
Retro toggle switches - lights/hazards (Revlimiter) & electric windows (Jass Performance)
Original Nardi wooden wheel, handbrake lever & gearknob
Later model doorcards with teardrop speaker covers
NRG quick release steering wheel boss
Jass Performance stainless HVAC panel

Fully Dinitrol undersealed and cavity wax done in 2015 at Preserve & Protect
Doors fully Dynamatted for noise insulation

Paintwork in excellent condition, regularly polished and waxed.
Original spotwelds on rear arches, no signs of rust anywhere.
She has been a guilty pleasure of mine, and has wanted for nothing but it's time for me to move on.

Car is located just south of Edinburgh in Bilston (car currently SORNed until this Friday)

Please email steven@stevenhedley.co.uk or phone 07738 289158

I am looking for £6,850 or very nearest offer - I know this is strong money for a Mk1 but this is a very very good example of a Mk1 and should provide her new owner many trouble free miles.









Many, many more pictures available on request.

Spend History
Item Date Amount
Original purchase 19/03/2015 4500.00
Phone holder & badge 25/03/2015 33.45
Koni/Eibach 28/03/2015 330.00
Fitting of above 25/04/2015 100.00
Windbreak 27/04/2015 53.54
New head unit 28/04/2015 49.00
Gearshift Boot Kit 18/05/2015 38.36
Meister R Coilovers 27/05/2015 594.15
New mirrors 10/07/2015 20.00
Reinforced Door Stops 19/08/2015 20.00
Cobalt Exhaust 27/08/2015 159.00
Bonnet trim 05/09/2015 13.00
Enkei RPF1 Alloys 15/09/2015 705.60
Dinitrol Underseal 17/10/2015 360.00
Retro Toggle Switches 15/10/2015 72.00
Wheelnuts (Driftworks) 15/10/2015 33.20
Sidelights 27/10/2015 10.00
Cubby 20/10/2015 10.00
Induction Kit 03/11/2015 40.00
Zoom Mirrors 04/11/2015 285.00
LED Bulbs 03/01/2016 14.15
Window Toggle Switches & Vent Rings Jass) 12/01/2016 66.70
Oil filter, PS belt, grille 05/02/2016 55.77
Silicon coolant hoses 17/02/2016 34.95
Strut Brace 17/02/2016 57.09
Zoom filler cap 27/02/2016 80.00
4x Tyres (Vredestein) 09/04/2016 200.00
Door speakers 19/05/2016 24.99
SilentCoat Sound Deadening 19/05/2016 29.98
Door Cards 29/08/2016 40.00
HVAC panel 13/08/2016 12.00
Clutch & rear crank seal 06/01/2017 117.00
Retro side repeaters 10/01/2017 45.00
Alloy Washer Reservoir 20/02/2017 49.99
Cold Air Filter (Enclosed) 20/02/2017 28.45
Windscreen Washer Pump 20/02/2017 5.49
Eunos side stripes (fitting) 27/05/2017 23.00

Total spend - £8,310.86
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Re: 1991 Eunos Roadster V-Special

Postby blackyb » Tue May 29, 2018 7:29 pm

Too strong for me but I am sure someone out there will snap her up.
1993 1.6 Eunos Roadster (gone)
1998 UK Mk 2 1.6 (gone)
2003 1.8 SVT Sport (Why did I sell it!!!!)
1991 1.6 Eunos Roadster with a bit of bling.

Life is a journey, best travelled topless in an MX5!!
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Location: Edinburgh'ish

Re: 1991 Eunos Roadster V-Special

Postby 71notout » Wed Jun 06, 2018 5:26 pm

Now an award winning car as well - voted best Mark 1 at MX5 Owners Club Scottish Gathering in Braemar, June 2018 :D

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