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Garage clear up

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Garage clear up

Postby Draig » Mon May 28, 2018 8:21 pm

(just spent an hour trying to sort pics for this thread with no luck, I'll have another go tomorrow (think flickr is messing with me)) but thought i would get the post going, if you want pics fast please PM me :text-worthless: )

edit:- pics now working

Heya all

Long time no chat.

Finally got round to clearing out the garage (only took a year) and locating all the bits I collected for my old M(ex)x5 so am putting up here for cheap as I need the space.

All bought for a Mk1 but some may be interchangable.

Driver Rear Wing (genuine Mazda panel not repair part, no dents just one scuff as photo but would be painted over anyway) - £150

Image Image

Suspension Alignment bolt set (x4) - £5 each


Passenger Side door to body weather strip - £30


All are genuine Mazda kit price not including postage (not sure how to do the panel yet may have located a box big enough)

The rest below are free to a good home (and anyone who can identify, mine are best guesses)

Headlight bulb (x2)


Chrome rear deck screws (x2)


Nuts (x4) - I think these are for the top suspension mounts


Random - These I have no clue, possibly exhaust?


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