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Why cant all cars be as simple as an MX

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Why cant all cars be as simple as an MX

Postby blackyb » Sat Aug 13, 2016 9:00 pm

Well, with it being nearly MOT time for the MX and the VW, thought it prudent to check them over, not that the MX really needed it as she is running, stopping and staying stopped fine (handbrake)

Now my hearse (Passat Estate) is running fine, stopping fine but struggled to stay stopped the other day when I applied the handbrake, so while the 3in1 lift was out, popped her on and stripped the rear brakes down, possibly have a sticking O/S/R caliper but nothing more, and as the caliper sat back on the pads without needing winding back, cleaned up and rebuilt them up.

So one would assume that nothing should have altered!


I now have a spongy creeping brake pedal and a non functional handbrake - totally confused so given up. Stuck it in the garage and will have another look later. But can anyone tell me why a rear O/S caliper should be ÂŁ5.00 dearer than the N/S, they look the same (but obviously the other way around)

The MX on the other hand is perfectly happy.

Time for a beer!!!!

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Re: Why cant all cars be as simple as an MX

Postby Vanquishman » Sun Aug 14, 2016 6:23 pm

Tell me about it mate. Makes no sense.

And talking of keeping things simple i still have a set of upgrade bulbs for the X Type as the idea that you should be able to just pop the hood, unclip a light cover and change a bulb within two minutes seems to have been an alien concept to Jaguar.

So many more user friendly bits and pieces on the MX5 it's amazing. It's the car that just keeps on giving.

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