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Corded Impact Wrench

A place to post up links of recommened tools etc to make the job easier and safer, or it is just a bargin not to be missed, but we don't want cheap and nasty crap.
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Corded Impact Wrench

Postby drumtochty » Mon Mar 21, 2016 4:23 pm

Lidl are selling a mains powered Impact Wrench on Monday 28th of March for £29.99.

Similar idea to the mains powered Clarke CEW1000 when tends to go for £60 to £80.

Clarke 1,000 Watt motor
Lidl 450 Watt motor

Clarke 450 NM
Lidl 320 NM

Both have 17, 19, 21 and 22mm sockets, both come in a plastic blow case.

Both have a spare pair of brushes.

A few friends have the Clarke unit and say it is fine. For constant use it has a name for going through brushes.

http://www.lidl.co.uk/en/our-offers-249 ... l&id=32190

https://www.tool-net.co.uk/p-345923/cla ... ckets.html

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