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Mk2.5 Airbag Trouble Code 47 - The Solution

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Mk2.5 Airbag Trouble Code 47 - The Solution

Postby binarypunk » Thu Mar 21, 2013 2:46 pm

Jon from http://www.binarypunk.co.uk here...

Have you got a mk2.5 with airbag code 47? Airbag light showing 4 long flashes and 7 short flashes? Well, I have the solution!

The solution also applies if you have fitted different seats (from another car, or buckets, or what have you) that don't feature an occupancy sensor at all.

The Problem
This trouble code shows that the Airbag Control Module is not receiving data from the seat occupancy (weight) sensor. It uses this information to decide whether to set off the passenger airbag if you have a crash. Unfortunately, it also uses it to post an error that your MoT tester won't like one little bit. In their wisdom, Mazda decided on a flimsy wire pad that will easily break if you sit down too heavily, or put something heavy on the seat, or look at it funny...

The Solution
First off, it's hopefully just a bad connection. The first job is to grow some Japanese hands and get them under that passenger seat and separate and reconnect the connectors from the airbag module to the seat module, and from the seat module to the weight sensor (three pin connector). This job is much easier with the seat unbolted!

Try the ignition again...hopefully the code will have disappeared and you can breathe a sigh of relief.

If not, there are 2 options:
1) Call up your Mazda Dealer for a price for a new seat weight sensor. With fitting, you'll be well on your way to dropping a grand into their bank account.

2) Call up Andrew at Autolink. He now has a simple emulator module that will plug in place of the sensor and send the correct data to fool the airbag module into thinking the sensor is working and that someone is sat in the seat. The error code will disappear and you will pass your MoT...and your airbag will deploy in a crash. The only downside is that it will deploy even if the seat is empty, so you might waste an airbag if you stack it. Also, you will now need to manually deactivate your airbag should you wish to have a baby seat or small child in the car. The upside? You will still have a big wedge in your pocket for a new exhaust or whatever you want...

How to Fit
It couldn't be simpler. The module has 3 pins and plugs into the 3-pin connector at the seat end of the wiring. It is polarised, so it only fits one way. Push it into the connector, secure it to the underside of the seat (a bit of string or a zip tie is good) and you are done. Again, with the seat unbolted there will be less money in the swear box at the end of the job.

You can find this and many other exciting products for your Five on my website here:

All our products are available from our friends at Autolink. The direct link to this item in their shop is:

Hope this helps


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