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Wanted rear bumper to wing gomment

Have you got mx5/Roadster items that you no longer need hanging around taking up space, but there is something you are after and want for your pride and joy? Then try the swap shop. You would be amazed at just what fellow owners can hord that they do not need any more but are saving them.
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Wanted rear bumper to wing gomment

Postby John&Luke » Sun Jun 28, 2020 7:30 pm

Hi guys, wonder if anyone can help me.

I need the plastic gomment that goes into the bottom of the rear wing that is used to fix the top front of the rear bumper to.
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See above, Autolink are out of stock. I need one only, if anyone can help I would appreciate. Happy to pay or replace with a new one once back in stock.

Thanks Menders.

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