Replacing Heater Hoses

This is a guide on how to replace the 2 heater hoses.

First, I purchased this heater hose set from Autolink (using the Mazda Mender discount code.

1. The hoses are located in an awkward spot right at the back of the engine next to the coil pack.

2. You need to remove the coil pack for easy access. Unplug the coil pack at the plastic connector and unplug the leads from the top of the engine (you can leave them plugged into the coil pack). Then remove the 2 bolts either side of the coil pack and move it out of the way. I also found it easier to take the air filter out in order to get pliers in to remove the old pipe clips.

3. You should now be left with something that looks like this

4. Now you can slide the original hose clips off the old hoses to you allow access to cut the hose off (you might find it easier to take the dipstick out too to avoid snapping it). Also be careful when cutting as the copper pipes that the hoses connect to at the bulkhead are quite flimsy. DO NOT TRY AND PULL / TWIST the hose off as the pipes will bend and you will never get them to seal again.

Cutting the hose off:

With first hose removed:

5. With both old hoses removed, you can start to fit the new ones. Start with the one nearest the middle of the engine at the bottom end, a good tip here is to put a little hand soap around the edge of the pipes to make it easier to slide them on, don't forget to have your clips already on the hose.

6. Then install the last hose closest to the car wing, again putting a little hand soap around the edges of the pipes. Be gentle but firm when pushing the hoses on to avoid bending the copper pipes.

7. Then you can put the dip stick back in and put the coil pack back.