Unblocking the Soft-top drain holes

Part of every service for an MX5 should be to keep the soft-top drains clear.

If this is not done the result is rather messy because rain water will eventually end up in the cabin floor soaked up in the carpet underlay and even can fill up the body sills. So if you hear water sloshing about as you brake or corner the first thing to do is unblock the soft-top drains.

Its really easy to do, here’s how.

You need a long rod just like the removable radio aerial that comes with your car. In fact you can even use your aerial if you are careful with it! Obviously if your car has an electric aerial or other type you'll have to use a coat hanger straightened out - but without a sharp end.

You will find the top of the right drain under a small carpet flap inside the car behind the driver’s right shoulder. The hole is about a pencil width. Push your rod down through the hole (if you’re using your aerial take care at this point to flex it evenly so as not to put a kink in it) until the rod comes out on the ground Repeat this with the passenger side drain. The drains are now clear.