Flash to pass

Until late 1993, pulling on the headlight stalk would flash the headlights, but they would not pop-up, so no-one can actually see them. This was rectified by Mazda in sometime in the latter half of 1993 with a system that would raise the lights to flash and them lower them again 3 seconds later. There is a nice, simple modification available to replicate this on the early cars.

What you need:

  • Phillips Head Screwdriver (The screw driver from the toolkit in the boot is ideal)
  • 2.5A or 3A diode
  • Electrical insulating tape

Time required:

  • Between 5 and 10 minutes on average

Lets do it:

  1. Firstly, you will need remove steering column covers from behind the steering wheel. They are held in by four screws. 3x long self tappers plus one shorter machine screw. Once the screws are removed, the two halves need to be unclipped from each other and removed.
  2. Now look for the white connector plugged into the top rear of the steering column switch gear. Unclip it by pushing in the tab on the side.
  3. Locate the red wire with white stripe and the white wire with black stripe in the white connector. You need to bridge these 2 with the diode from the side they enter the connector.
  4. Bend the diode into a 'U' shape and insert the end with the stripe down between the gap where the white/black cable goes into the connector. The other end goes into the gap beside the red/white wire and the connector. Ensure the diode is pushed in far enough to contact the connectors in the plug. It is vital that you get the diode the right way round. If you get this wrong the lights will constantly stay popped-up and will quickly cause the diode to overheat.
  5. Reconnect the white plug.
  6. Test the flash to pass by pulling the headlight stalk towards you. If the lights do not pop-up and flash then check the diode is in the correct position and that is is far enough in to make a  contact with the connectors in the plug.
  7. Once everything is working correctly, use some electrical tape to secure the diode in place and refit the plastic covers.