Repairing Electric Window Switches

Other than a faulty motor and cables, a faulty switch with grubby contacts can often be the reason your electric windows won't work. This is a guide on how to remove the unit and clean up the contacts.

1. You need to take off the gear knob and remove the centre console by unscrewing 5 cross head screws. 2 are located at the front near the dash on the left and right, 1 under the middle storage tray / ashtray / bin area and 2 inside the locking compartment (leave the fuel lever alone, but remove the two screws).

2. The whole centre console can now be removed. There are two electrical connections that need to be disconnected. Once you disconnect these, pull the whole console towards the dash (taking care not to get it caught on the fuel lever). Note that if you're car is fitted with any sort of alarm, there may be additional connecters to unplug.

3. You can now flip over the centre console and unscrew the 3 screws that attach it to the console.

4. Once you have disconnected the switch unit, remove the 3 screws underneath

5. Release the 4 tabs with a small flat head screwdriver (careful as they may be brittle)

6. Remove the rocker switches by forcing them off the hinge lugs

7. You will then be able to pop off the top and see all the switch workings (be careful and gentle as there are many components that can fly off in all directions).

8. Pop the top the metal rockers (also being careful not to snap any of the plastic) Then give the copper contacts a good scrape and clean with a wire brush as there will probably be a lot of black sooty build up.

9. Repeat step 8 for the other switch's copper contacts.

Putting it all back together.

10. Prise the top of the component cover (or whatever it's called) back on top of the copper components.

11. Pop the component board back into the housing and then replace the rocker switch surround.

12. Prise the rocker switches back on their hinge lugs (being careful again not to snap any brittle plastic).

13. Place the switch assembly back into the console and install the 3 screws that were removed earlier.

14. Place the console back into the car. Slide it back over the fuel filler cap release lever first, then down over the gearshift. Before seating fully, reconnect the two electrical connections that were removed earlier.

15. Seat the console fully, then install the five large screws that were removed earlier. Install the middle storage tray / ashtray / bin. Install the gearshift knob.

Thanks to MM himself for the tips.