Airbag Warning Light Codes

Airbag Warning Light Codes

A quick list of what your airbag light means.


# Flashes Possible Cause
ON Faulty diagnostic module or poor connection of diagnostic module connector
2 Poor ground of all D-sensors
3 Open Circuit or poor connection of power source circuit
4 Faulty S-sensor
5 Fault D-sensor (D-sensor remains ON)
6 Faulty air bag modules or poor connection of clock spring connector
7 Poor ground of wiring harness
8 Poor ground of D-sensor
9 Open circuit between diagnostic modules and D-sensor
10 Faulty diagnostic module (System-down fuse burned)


# Flashes Possible Cause
ON Poor connection at airbag computer
12 Open circuit power source
13 D sensor ON
21 Poor installation S sensor
22 S sensor ON
23 Open connection S sensor feed circuit
24 S sensor diagnostic circuit open
32 Open circuit driver side airbag module
33 Open circuit passenger side
34 Short circuit driver side airbag module
35 Short circuit passenger side
41 Open circuit between D sensor and computer
44 Poor installation of right side D sensor
45 Poor installation of center D sensor
46 Poor installation of left D sensor
51 System Down fuse open
52 Damaged back-up battery
53 Damaged computer
Contiuous Flashing Poor connection of all D sensors


# Flashes Possible Cause
ON Airbag computer fault
3 Bad power connection
6 Driver side airbag
7 Passenger side airbag


# Flashes Possible Cause
1 Poor computer connection
2 Poor connection at computer
3 Power feed poor to computer
6 Drivers side airbag
7 Passenger side airbag
49 Passenger deactivation switch fault


# Flashes Possible Cause
01 SAS control module connector poor connection
02 SAS control module
03 Power supply of SAS control module
06 Drivers side airbag
07 Passenger side airbag
11 Driver-side pre-tensioner seat belt system
12 Passenger-side pre-tensioner seat belt system
49 Passenger air bag deactivation system
61 Crush zone sensor system
91 Air bag system warning light circuit
Continuous flashing Deployment authorization standby code - aka run away.. she's about to blow!