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********Wishing everyone a far better 2021 after our blur of a year in 2020 as we go into lockdown 3 and the new begining of the end of our leaning on the EU to find our own road again, I am sure it will all sort itself out again in the end as I am sure it will not be easy, as we also battle with China virus, please stay safe and strong as all our mental health tries to make sense of it all, we are still here on line for those that need our help on the spanner side to keep sane to erras all the madness around us, we are on you tube, FB and here if needed, by posting ,messages of email etc*********
The mazdamenders team

Happy new year 2020

This is very important for us to carry on running this site for free to help owners keep their pride and joys firmly on the the road where they belong , fetteled correctly with our wealth of knowledge shared with you for free, so if we have saved you 100's or 1,000's in running cost, then no matter how small the donation it keeps running cost free to carry on helpping in the way we do best....problem solving,advice,info ,hints and tips, spannering,mending, PLEASE take a moment to read the post in this section, and thank you for helping us.
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Happy new year 2020

Postby Mazda Mender » Sat Jan 04, 2020 11:17 am

Happy new year everyone I hope all your dreams come true this year, you can count on menders as your helping hands, and i hope we served you well last year, i would like to massively thank all those that gave donations to help us keep going as it is not just the "free" FB platforms we try and cover, and you tube, the FB side is just a another way to help from our main forum and it is that time of year again to see if anyone would like to re-sponsor the forum for 12 months as like everything there is a cost unfortunately to offering a free service to help everyone which I personally hope the info etc on there is used to save you cash and keep the old pocket rocket firmly on the road with that smile on your face being totally enjoyed to the max.
Mazdamenders is not a business or a company, it is run by passionate enthusiasts which in some cases are separate knowledgeable business with in it helping to help you, because they love what they do and as sad as it sounds we care.
Anyone interested in helping support us to help others gain confidence,and knowledge please contact me direct, be it donations, sponsorship or helping us run it.
As always we are here if needed, thank you in believing in what we are doing to help you, we are nothing without you lot.
Have a great year, and drive her like you stole her.
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