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Brake line/hoses plugs.....

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Brake line/hoses plugs.....

Postby Mazda Mender » Mon Sep 26, 2022 7:15 am

We get asked a lot on how we block of brake lines and hoses while working on these Roadsters when we split rear sub frames or removing calipers etc for any length of time.

Well here is our secret for you all, with a hose you can clamp it with the many different types of hose clamps out there, which is great and we do use them , but what if you have braided hoses fitted? you cannot clamp them as it will seriously damage them by crushing the inner solid tube and blocking or restricting the flow of fluid, not good and costly.
And the other is when your changing a brake hose from the line, rear sub frame, masters or slaves when cracking the unions to do so, rags and fluid everywhere on things you do not want or need it on to attack paint work etc, plus you do not want ever ever to drain the fluid from the ABS pump, you will end up with a real nightmare trying to get the air out.

So all you need is some old brake hoses from off a Roadster from a scraper/breaker and the end if the brake lines also (unions ), cut the females off the hoses and the leaving the brake lines in the male unions cut it off flat to the top flush and flat as the line makes a seal against the inner's of the females.
Wash down with some brake cleaner , clean them up ( de-rust)

Now where you have cut them flat, either blob some weld on them to make a seal or get some EVO-STIK metal epoxy putty( which is easier to most) and blob a bit on the tops, shape it to how you want it not forgetting to press down firm when first applying for a good seal.

Wait for it to go off and harden if using the epoxy, and with either the blob of welded ones or epoxy i recommend painting them for protection , these will be in your tool boxes banging around and getting full of brake fluid as and when you use them, so you don't want them rusting.

Once dry blob a bit of copper slip on the male unions thread and screw into the the union of the female until it is free moving, this will help as a lube and protection and make them easier to use as you need to not mess about with the lines.

And that's them ready to use and help changing lines, masters,slaves, sub frames etc etc where and when needed and takes up no space in the tool box but very handy blanker's when needed...

20220918_174434.jpg (194.51 KiB) Viewed 848 times

20220918_174446.jpg (200.79 KiB) Viewed 848 times

20220918_185520.jpg (263.37 KiB) Viewed 848 times

Now what about the the part of the brake hose that disconnects from the calipers, well that's even easier, just get yourself ( or re use the ones from the scraper lines) some of the copper sealing washers that fit on either side 12mm union that bolts down through the brake hose hoop on either the OE rubber or aftermarket braided lines to the caliper.
Get a bolt that is the same dia as the hoop and nut to match,clean and paint if wished and add a smear of copper slip. and simply add a washer to the bolt , push through the hoop add another washer and nut and nip it up to seal, you can leave it like that as long as you like or need, while you do what you do until re connecting.

20220918_174430.jpg (229.51 KiB) Viewed 848 times

You now have a full set blanker's for pennies ,that are easy to store and work, just make sure that every time you do use them ,that you clean them up before dropping into storage , if not they will rust and everything near them as the brake fluid attacks what it can.

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Hope this is of use .

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