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Can someone please tell me when I will be released.

Welcome to the sin bin ,you have been sent here, for being a total moron and for wrong doings, judged by the mods, days in here will be voted on by the powers that be, you can not post anywhere else on the forum until your time is up, if you do,then more time will be added,you will be allowed to post within your cooling off period in here only,that's if any wants to listen to what you have to say???
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Re: Can someone please tell me when I will be released.

Postby Mazda Mender » Thu Mar 28, 2013 10:29 pm

Nick before you start throwing your weight about and make a scene, there are facts into this and things are being sorted out, i have a phone that can be rung at any time, we will be sorting a procedure for the sin bin as we did not expect to be useing it so soon and for the reason it is being used for, but rest assured WE will NEVER be in this situation again I will personally make sure of it, you yourself gave us the problem in the first place, then after a couple of mindless rants in here it was read from a comment from you that you were parting Co?, when i rang to find if that was the case after yet more rants and not eating humble pie and just not keeping your mouth shout, i now understand that that is not the case, and as i did say i will be getting something sorted out which i am, i do not lie.
I will not be demaned into what you want, you must WAIT there are reasons for this as none of us are doing this full time and not sat at a PC all day one is out of the coutry and the rest of us have been that busy that they are far from thinking about the forums.
Now personally and i will make no bones about this Nick if you keep shouting and balling i will just leave you in here and not bother getting you out for a bit more time, i personally do not want your rants on the open forum it is not needed and helps no one including you, now shout up ,calm down eat humble pie and let us sort it as i said i would, because if i am really honest i gave you some trust and keys and you spat at me, and the worst thing is that you do not understand why, and that scares me buddy, you are a different person in the flesh and over a phone than what you protray on the forums, and the trus Nick is by far the better Nick everyday.
Now i will not be suckered into the game of shouting in here, do your time eat your porridge and let us sort it as quick as we can please.
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